Chrome update adds Virtual Reality support to Android app

Virtual Reality is the next big thing. Which is why Google wants to help you find quality VR content with ease. The recent update to the Chrome app helps achieve just that. It adds support for Virtual Reality which means that content can be viewed directly from the Chrome app.

The latest version of the app enables users to navigate to VR-enabled websites and then view the content on their Daydream-compatible devices. Inside a website, users have to select the option to view Virtual Reality content and when prompted they have to put their phone in the Daydream View mode to enjoy the experience.

The feature is not limited to Daydream capable devices, however. Devices which are not compatible with Daydream can also be used to view VR content. However, users would need to use their fingers or a mouse to explore the content for the time being. Google plans to add support to other headsets like the Google Cardboard very soon which would allow more people to view VR content on their devices.

This is a pretty good update as it makes finding and viewing VR content much easier for the users. In the past one had to rely on separate apps for viewing VR content. But separate apps meant that users had access to only a handful of content which were not always what they wanted. Also dealing with separate apps meant that one had to search for the content after they had seen it on a website and we all know how frustrating it can be when we don’t find what we are looking for.

This release is the result of steps Google had been taking in the past year to throttle the development of Virtual Reality. Google Pixel was the first phone to be made Daydream ready. In December, 2016, Google introduced the WebVR application programming interface in Chrome 56 (beta release) app for trial. Currently Google is in the process for bringing WebVR capability to the desktop version of Chrome.


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