Facebook has added USB security key to verify your identity

Facebook has always given priority to its security policies without any fail and this time they are up with a new system for much more secure access to your account. The new update for physical security key from the Palo Alto giant will boost up the security to a newer constraint.


Facebook will use a USB key that supports the universal second factor (U2F) standard to log into your Facebook account, confirming your identity just by tapping the key. So you can use the key to log in to your facebook account but that doesn’t mean that if someone can get your security key by any chance can access your account. It will still require your password to be matched before logging it. The security key is an added level of security to protect your account, just like an elevated level of 2-factor authentication where you need to enter a passcode sent to your mobile number to access the account.

Facebook said in a comment on the Facebook Security page

Using your phone for two-factor authentication works well for a lot of people, and it’s way more secure than using just your password.”Security keys offer certain advantages, though, and we wanted to offer people the option.”

So many of you might have got this question in mind that why do you need this security key? Isn’t so? Let me explain how this works. It is basically a USB-based hardware key that functions as the second “factor” in two-factor authentication. Once you log into a service that supports they key, all you need to do is insert the key into a port and tap it to complete your login — no SMS or Google Authenticator codes required. These Keys typically support several security features and standards, like one-time passwords, public key encryption and authentication, and the Universal 2nd Factor (U2F).


Compared to the present methods of authentications, these physical keys are faster, can be used on a number of different services like Facebook, Google, and Dropbox, and are nearly immune to phishing attacks. Another benefit of shifting to a physical security system is that it lays the groundwork for eliminating passwords entirely. In addition to the security key, companies like Google have previously tested other forms of physical security.

Facebook adding U2F support is an important step in adding more security to its user base, pushing forward the adoption of physical security keys, and potentially making millions of Facebook accounts more secure. Facebook itself has nearly 1.8 billion users and its other services have hundreds of millions as well. This will encourage users to adopt this feature in other platforms too since data is the most precious things in this century and that has to be kept safe.


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