Google Chrome will fasten the web page reload process

Google Chrome is the most used browser across the globe, whether the platform is PC or your smartphone. Users are hugely attracted to it due to many of its features. But doesn’t it annoy you when it takes an additional time to reload your recently visited web pages. But there’s a good news folk! Google has been working on an update which will speed up the reloading process of a web page by up to 28 percent. Isn’t that great? Let’s see the whole story.


In a blog post Google said that they are upgrading the Chrome browser on desktop and mobile which will reload webpages faster. In order to acheived this, Google has tweaked with the way the browser handles a feature called ‘Validation’. Every time a user visits or revisits a page, Chrome requests hundreds of network requests for it. Previously Google Chrome used to validate each and every requests in order to fetch the webpage but with the new update, Chrome will only validate the main resources, possibly the ones which have changed or may have changed and needs to be validated. This feature would be live from Chrome V56.

Google’s Takashi Toyoshima wrote in a blog post

The existing reload behavior usually solves broken pages, but stale content is inefficiently addressed by a regular reload, especially on mobile. This feature was originally designed in times when broken pages were quite common, so it was reasonable to address both use cases at once. It was no longer necessary for browsers to validate each and every element.

This is another attempt from Google to make Chrome a faster, better and much more secure browser. Last week the company announced Chrome V56 which will flag HTTP pages that collect credentials of banks and accounts as “not secure” in the address bar itself.



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