Google rolls out ‘Instant Tethering’ for Android devices

Wi-Fi hotspot is the patent answer for every smartphone for sharing their phone’s internet connections. But setting it up is a time taking process. It looks like Google is trying to make things easy for the Android users as it rolls out – the Instant Tethering feature to some of its users, particularly those who have devices running on Android 7.1.1 Nougat as part of the Google Play Services version 10.2.

Instant Tethering links up devices that are associated with your Google account to make it easier to stay connected when the connection drops. So, if any device loses connection, Google pops out a window to ask you to tether to your other device without any additional setup procedures. The connection made via Bluetooth also displays the battery level of the tethered device.

The Instant Tethering section permits you to toggle on/off the settings – whether your device will provide data connection or it will avail the benefits of the connection. For now, the Nexus-9 and Pixel-C support as clients while the others like Pixel-XL serve as the hotspot devices.

instant tethering for android

When will Instant Tethering roll out to all Android devices?

Google has not issued an expected date for Instant Tethering to roll out for all Android smartphones and tablets. The new update is in its nascent stage and it seems that Google is still testing this to see how well this will work. It will surely make the Android experience more beautiful for all the users. Whereas, users with non-Pixel and Nexus devices should regularly check Google Play Services for the update.

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