iPhone 8 to support Wireless Charging

Chinese-language Commercial Times confirms that the flagship iPhone of 2017, which may be called iPhone 8 or iPhone X, will come with support for wireless charging. According to sources, Lite-On Semi has entered Apple’s supply chain in order to provide half of the required GPP Bridge rectifiers, which are needed to make wireless charging work. It’s still unclear what company is building the other half.

iPhone 8

The wireless charging rumors for the iPhone 8 have so far gone hand-in-hand with those speaking about the device having a glass back, which makes perfect sense since no one’s solved the wireless charging through metal problem yet.Another company that has been rumored to be working with Apple on wireless charging is Energous. The company last year demoed its WattUp wireless charging technology – a promising method to perform long-range wireless charging. However, it recently vaguely announced a delay in its launch due to a strategic partnership deal.

This vague announcement has sparked speculations of Apple working with the company to bring its technology to the iPhone 8. Apple’s wireless charging technology will be dramatically different from the currently existing ones. The current wireless plates do not allow free movement of the phone, and even though you do not plug the device to the cord, you have to leave it on the plate for it to charge. This means you cannot use the phone while charging it. If the iPhone 8 rumor is true, wireless charging could be a big USP of the device on launch.

About three handsets launching in the fall – the flagship iPhone 8 (or X) with a 5.7″ or so curved AMOLED touchscreen, as well as an iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. Also, Apple will find a way to eliminate the home button. Kulbinder Garcha, one of the company’s analysts, was sufficiently confident about the iPhone 8’s performance to predict sales of 250 million units in fiscal 2018 (despite launching in the calendar year 2017, the iPhone 8’s sales will be reported in 2018), compared to 215 million in 2017. That’s all for this time, we would be coming up with more such news. Keep following us to stay updated.



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