LG G6 might get unveiled on February 26 2

The Mobile World Congress is just a month away and we have seen it that many new flagships get released during then and get showcased in the show. This might be something which is happening every year now and today this blog is about the upcoming LG Flagship. Yes, you got it right, the LG G6 which is scheduled for a release on 26th of Feb, just a day before MWC.

Speaking of their previous iteration of the flagship, which followed a new design element but couldn’t impress the crowd due to the host of worthless accessories which were overpriced. Hoping that LG has learned from its last mistake, they might present us with something wonderful piece of tech.


Coming to the news of the launch, reports say that LG has sent out invites for a launch event. Though it doesn’t have much info except the date and place of the event but it hints at their latest flagship. The invite is in the shape of a phone, and sports a tagline “See More, Play More,” which is probably referring to the G6’s new, 18:9 screen, which has been previously confirmed by the company.

If we believe the rumors to be true, the new flagship from LG will feature the latest Snapdragon SoC out of the box, which is Snapdragon 835 coupled with a 6GB of RAM. Not much sure about other features though but you all know that as the launch comes closer leaks will surface.

LG is also heard to focus in their wearable section, which they will showcase in MWC itself. Will be wrapping up for now but surely will turn up with more such technological information to feed your curiosity.



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