Netflix finally lets Android users download content to SD Card

Netflix, the online video streaming service, has just announced an update to its Android app that lets users break free from the shackles of internal storage issues. Yes, you heard that right. The new update no more requires your device’s internal storage to be free to be downloading your favorite content.

Earlier, whenever a user wanted to save a video for offline viewing, they needed to make sure that enough space was available in their device’s internal storage. While some smartphones do provide large internal storage, the majority of the devices have limited capacity. For users of such devices, the compromise with precious device storage was really not an option. But all that is about to change.

In the latest Android app update for Netflix, the option for saving content to external SD card has finally appeared. All you need to do is: Tap Menu button > App Settings > Download Location > Select SD Card. With just these few taps you can harness the potential to download as many contents as you like (depending on the capacity of your SD Card, of course) without having to worry about running out of space.

We are sure folks are already planning to hot-swap SD Cards or transfer files to computer by now. Well, not so fast. The content stored to a SD Card is only available to the device in which it had been originally downloaded in. So, hot-swapping of SD Cards is not going to work. And as for transferring files to the computer, the downloaded files have DRM and are encoded in an ‘.nfv’ file-type which is not playable on any other media player. Also, there is a limit to the availability of the downloaded content. Typically, there is a week’s limit to accessing an offline content but it is also content specific.

It seems like Netflix really wants to feed our addiction and keep us more glued to our favorite online content. The update does come as something to rejoice for the millions of Netflix users. As an end note, it should be known that the new feature is not available on all the devices yet.

Are you a Netflix user? Have you received the update and is your device supporting the new feature? Let us know in the comments below.


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