Nexus devices to soon get the Google Assistant

Google has its own voice assistant now, just like Siri for Apple device but sadly the voice assistant is limited to the newly launched Pixel devices. With this attempt, the Nexus devices have been kept isolated. But seems like there’s a good news for Nexus users to this time.

AssistantGoogle is planning to port the Google Assistant from Pixel and bring it to Nexus 5X and 6P which would be incorporated in the future update, according to Stephen Hall from 9to5Google. If the company does so, this would be the second time the company would be porting a feature from their Pixel lineup to the Nexus lineup due to public demand. The first time they brought Pixels’ “fingerprint swipe” gesture, which lets you swipe up and down on a fingerprint sensor to scroll through notifications to the Nexus 5X.

Google Pixel’s Assistant is extremely good considering its understanding context but the feature is limited to 2 devices as of now since its launch . With the next update to Nexus devices it will roll its base but still, there are very few people who spend some huge cash to buy these devices. Google should be aiming at a huge mass of people by rolling this feature out to the entire mass of people using Android. We hope Google to incorporate his idea soon and help its user base get the taste of the new Google Assistant.


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