OnePlus 3 Kernel Tweak to extend Screen-On-Time to 7-8 Hours

The OnePlus 3 is a pretty good phone, but not when it comes to the battery life. OnePlus 3 users (myself being one) are well aware that the screen on time on the device is not that great. While it does vary from device to device, the average SOT is around 4-5 hours for the OnePlus 3. The Dash Charge does make up for it, but we all know that charging is not a viable option all the time. So, for the folks like us, the guys over at XDA have some pretty good news.

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A new suite of kernels have been developed which promise to extend the screen on time of the OnePlus 3 to as much as 7-8 hours. Sounds fake? Not really. The claims are being backed by the respectable XDA Community and the developers behind the tweaks have indicated that such times are feasible “with regular, no-compromise usage habits: daytime visible screen brightness, both radios on, sync on, network location on, all the regular usage features”.

The working behind this tweak is pretty simple. All the kernels come with CPU Governors. A CPU governor in Android controls how the CPU raises and lowers its frequency in response to the demands the user is placing on their device. Governors are especially important in smartphones and tablets because they have a large impact on the apparent fluidity of the interface and the battery life of the device over a charge.

Although this tweak has been developed for the OnePlus 3, other devices utilizing the Snapdragon 820 can also make use of this feature. The only pre-requisites for utilizing this tweak is that your device has to be pre-rooted and an app must be installed which lets you manage the CPU Governor profiles. Be aware that rooting your device voids the warranty on your device.

So, if you are a OnePlus 3 user and has been looking for a fix to the screen on time issue, we suggest that you try out this new kernel suite. And don’t forget to let us know about the experience down below in the comments.


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